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Annia Galeria, daughter of Annius Verus, prefect of Rome. She married Antoninus Pius before his adoption by Hadrian, and died in the third year of her husband's reign, thirtysix years of age (A.D. 141). She was notorious for her licentiousness, yet her husband appeared blind to her frailties, and after her death even accorded unto her divine honours. Her effigy appears on a large

Faustina as Mater Castrorum.

number of medals (Dio Cass. xvii. 30; Capitol. Anton. P. 3).


Annia, or the Younger, daughter of the preceding, married her cousin Marcus Aurelius, and died A.D. 176, in a village of Cappadocia, at the foot of Mount Taurus, on her husband's return from Syria. She is represented by Dio Cassius and Capitolinus as even more profligate in her conduct than her mother; and yet Marcus, in his Meditations (i. 17), extols her obedience, simplicity, and affection. Her daughter Lucilla married Lucius Verus, whom Marcus Aurelius associated with him in the Empire, and her son Commodus succeeded his father as emperor (Capitol. M. Aurel. 6, 19, 26).

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