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or Fossae. A canal.


Cluilia or Cluiliae, a trench about five miles from Rome, said to have been the ditch with which the Alban king Cluilius protected his camp when he marched against Rome in the reign of Tullus Hostilius.


Corbulōnis, a canal cut in the reign of Claudius, by Corbulo, between the Rhine and the Meuse (Tac. Ann. xi. 20).


Drusiānae or Drusīnae, a canal which Drusus caused his soldiers to dig in B.C. 11, uniting the Rhine with the Yssel.


Mariāna or Mariānae, a canal dug by command of Marius during his war with the Cimbri, in order to connect the Rhone with the Mediterranean.


Xerxis. See Athos.

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