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Frontīnus, Sextus Iulius

A Roman writer and soldier, born about A.D. 40, and governor of Britain A.D. 75-78, where he distinguished himself by the conquest of the Silures. He was the author of two treatises that are still extant —one on the art of war and another on the Roman aqueducts. He was nominated Curator Aquarum, or Superintendent of the Aqueducts, in 97, and died in 106. His military treatise is in three books (Strategematon Libri Tres), and was published as a supplement to another work now lost, which related to the theory of war. To these three books a fourth book has been added by some unknown writer, on which see the dissertation by Fritze (Halle, 1889). The treatise on aqueducts (De Aquis Urbis Romae) is in two books, and contains many valuable historical notices. Fragments of a treatise on gromatics (see Gromatici) have also descended to us. The first complete edition of Frontinus was that of Keuchen (Amsterdam, 1661). A good text is that of Dederich (Leipzig, 1855). The principal edition of the Strategemata (with notes) is still that of Oudendorp (2d ed. Leipzig, 1779), lately re-edited by Gundermann (Leipzig, 1888); of the De Aquis, that by Dederich (with notes and a German version). See Lanciani, Topografia di Roma Antica, etc. (Rome, 1881).

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