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The ends of the framework on which the pillows of a couch or the cushions of a chair were placed, resembling the head of a modern sofa. They are invariably ornamented with inlaid bronze, sometimes of the richest kind, and are surmounted by bronze ornaments often representing the head and shoulders of a mule or ass, turning sideways and backwards, with ears put down and a vicious expression. For the head of the ass is sometimes substituted that of a boy, or the head and neck of a goose. The lower part is decorated with a round boss from which springs a bust of a genius in full relief, or of some youthful divinity, such as Bacchus or Hercules. The framework to which these ornaments are attached is described in Juvenal (xi. 93-98). The genius fulcri is mentioned ib. vi. 22 and elsewhere. See W. C. F. Anderson in the Classical Review for 1889, p. 322; and the article Lectus.

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