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Γύλιππος). A Lacedaemonian, sent, B.C. 414, by his countrymen to assist Syracuse against the Athenians, which he effected by the overthrow of Nicias and Demosthenes. He afterwards joined Lysander off Athens, and aided him by his advice in the capture of that city. Lysander sent him to Lacedaemon with the money and spoils which had been taken, the former amounting to 1500 talents (B.C. 404). But Gylippus, unable to resist the temptation, unsewed the bottom of the bags, thus leaving the seals untouched at the top, and abstracted 300 talents. His theft, however, was discovered by means of the memorandum contained in each bag, and to avoid punishment he went into voluntary exile (Nicias; Diod. Sic.xiii. 106).

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