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Ἰνδός; Skt. Sindhu).


A river of India frequently mentioned in the classics. It rises in Thibet, and after taking a northwesterly course, turns to the south and finally empties into the Indian Ocean. Its total length is something more than 1800 miles, and the area of its drainage-basin 372,000 square miles. At a distance of 812 miles from its source it receives the waters of the five streams of the Punjab—Hydaspes, Acesines, Hydrastes, Hyphasis, and Xeradrus. These all unite and flow into the Indus through the single channel of the Panjnad, a fact maintained by Ptolemy but long disbelieved. The delta of the Indus covers an area of some 3000 square miles.


A river of Asia Minor rising in the southwestern part of Phrygia and emptying into the Mediterranean opposite Rhodes.

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