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Ionic Tribes

The four original divisions (φυλαί) of the inhabitants of Attica, said by the ancients to have descended from the mythical Ion, adopted son of Xuthus, after whose four sons they were said to have got their names—Γελέοντες, Αἰγικορεῖς, Ἀργαδεῖς, and Ὅπλητες. It is fairly certain, however, that the names are in reality descriptive of the respective functions of those composing each: γελέοντες, “the shining”—i. e. the noble; αἰγικορεῖς, “the goat-herds;” ἀργαδεῖς, “the artisans;” and ὅπλητες, “the warriors.” See Phratria.

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