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Ἰφικράτης). A famous Athenian general, son of a shoemaker. He introduced into the Athenian army the peltastae or targeteers, a body of troops possessing, to a certain extent, the advantages of heavy and light armed forces. This he effected by substituting a small target for the heavy shield, adopting a longer sword and spear, and replacing the old coat of mail by a linen corselet. At the head of his targeteers he defeated and nearly destroyed a Spartan mora, in B.C. 392, an exploit which became very celebrated throughout Greece. He also defeated Anaxibius at the Hellespont (388 B.C.), aided the Persians in subduing Egypt (377 B.C.), reduced Cephallonia (373 B.C.), and commanded in the Social War. He married the daughter of Cotys, king of Thrace, and died shortly before 348.

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