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Λαοδίκεια). The name of several Greek cities in Asia, called after the mother of Seleucus I., Nicator, and other Syrian princesses of this name.


Laodicēa ad Lycum, a city of Phrygia, near the river Lycus , a tributary of the Maeander, founded by Antiochus II. Theos. It be

Copper Coin (medallion) of Laodicea, with Head of Commodus.

came one of the most prosperous cities in Asia Minor, and was the seat of a flourishing Christian church as early as the apostolic age.


Laodicēa Catacecaumĕné or Combusta—i. e. the burned; the reason of which epithet is doubtful. A city of Lycaonia, north of Iconium.


Laodicēa ad Maré, a city on the coast of Syria, about fifty miles south of Antioch, built by Seleucus I., and had the best harbour in Syria.


Laodicēa ad Libănum, a city of Coelé-Syria, at the north entrance to the narrow valley, between Libanus and Anti-Libanus.

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