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Aemilia, daughter of Manius Lepidus and wife of Drusus Caesar. She was engaged in an adulterous intercourse with Seianus, and was suborned by that ambitious and profligate minister to become the accuser of her own husband to Tiberius. Notwithstanding her crimes, she was protected during her father's life; but, being afterwards made a subject of attack by the informers of the day, she put an end to her own existence (Tac. Ann. iv. 20; vi. 40).


Domitia, daughter of Drusus and Antonia. She was grandniece of Augustus and aunt of Nero, who destroyed her by poison (Tac. Ann. xiii. 19).


Domitia, daughter of Antonia the younger, by Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus. She was the wife of Valerius Messala and mother of Messalina, and is described as having been a woman of debauched character and of a violent temper. In point of beauty and vice, she was the rival of Agrippina, Nero's mother. She was condemned to death through the influence of the same Agrippina (Tac. Ann. xi. 37; Tac. Ann. xii. 64; Claud. 26; Ner. 7).

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