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The name of a Roman gens, of whom the most celebrated was M. Minucius Rufus, magister equitum to the dictator Q. Fabius Maximus (B.C. 217), in the war against Hannibal. He fell at the battle of Cannae. Others of the gens are Marcus Minucius, who, in B.C. 121, when serving as tribune of the plebs, brought forward a bill to repeal the laws of C. Gracchus (Florus, iii. 15); and who with his brother Quintus is mentioned in an interesting inscription (C. I. L. i. 199); and Quintus Minucius, who built the Porticus Minucia near the Circus Flaminius at Rome in memory of his triumph over the barbarians in Thrace, B.C. 110. Minucius Angurīnus, who was consul in B.C. 305, constructed the Via Minucia from Rome to Brundisium (Ad Att. ix. 6). Minucius Basĭlus was one of Caesar's assassins (Appian, B. C. iii. 96).

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