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Μολιονίδαι) and Moliŏnes (Μολίονες). Eurytus and Cteatus, the sons of Actor (whence they were also called Actorĭdae), or else of Poseidon and Molioné. (Homer [ Il. xi. 750] calls them by the dual and double name Actorione Molione.) As boys they fought against Nestor and the men of Pylos. When they had grown up, they defeated the army of Heracles that threatened their uncle Augeas, but were killed by the former near Cleonae in Argolis. In Homer their sons Thalpius and Antimachus are the chieftains of the Epeians before Troy. A later legend describes them as having only one body but two heads (Athen. ii. 58).

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