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Μόνα). The modern Anglesey (Angles Ey, “Englishman's island”); an island off the coast of the Ordovices in Britain, one of the chief seats of the Druids. Caesar erroneously describes this island as half way between Britannia and Hibernia (B. G. v. 13). Hence it has been supposed by some critics that the Mona of Caesar is the Isle of Man; but it is more probable, on account of the celebrity of Mona in connection with the Druids, that he had heard of Anglesey, and that he received a false report respecting its real position. The island was taken in A.D. 61 by Suetonius Paulinus, who broke the power of the Druids; and was again subdued by Agricola in A.D. 78 (Agric. 18; Ann. xiv. 29). See Monapia.

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