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Flavius. A rhetorician born in Spain and distinguished as a general, and also as a Latin poet, in the first half of the fifth century after Christ. Besides a short hymn, De Christo (or Laus Christi), there are preserved fragments of five secular poems, the longest being part of a panegyric on the third consulate of Aëtius (A.D. 446), with a preface in prose, discovered by Niebuhr on a palimpsest at St. Gallen and published by him at Bonn in 1824. They prove him to be no unskilful imitator of Claudian; in language and metre he possesses an elegance rare in his time. The bust of a statue exhumed in the Forum of Ulpian in 1813 contained an inscription eulogizing Merobaudes. See Winnefeld, Sortes Sangallenses Ineditae (Bonn, 1887).

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