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A Roman province south of the Danube, bounded on the north by the Danube, on the west by Rhaetia and Vindelicia, on the east by Pannonia, and on the south by Pannonia and Italy. It thus corresponds to the greater part of Styria and Carinthia, and to a part of Austria, Bavaria, and Salzburg. One of the main branches of the Alps, the Alpes Noricae (in the neighbourhood of Salzburg), extended through the province. In those mountains a large quantity of excellent iron was found; and the Noric swords were celebrated in antiquity. The inhabitants of the country were Kelts, divided into several tribes, of which the Taurisci, also called Norici, after their capital Noreia, were the most important. They were conquered by the Romans in the reign of Augustus, after the subjugation of Rhaetia by Tiberius and Drusus, and their country was formed into a Roman province. The chief towns were Virunum (Mariasaal), Ovilava, and Iuvavum (Salzburg).

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