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or Neomāgus or Noviomāgum.


A city of the Batavi, now Nymegen. In the Peutinger Table it is called Niumaga.


The capital of the Lexubii or Lixovii, in Gallia Lugdunensis. According to Mannert, it corresponds to the modern Caen; others, however, are in favour of the modern Lisieux.


Or Augusta Nemetum, the capital of the Nemetes, now Spires.


A city of the Bituriges Vivisci, in Gallia Aquitanica. According to Mannert, it is now Castillon, not far from the mouth of the Gironde. Reichard, however, decides in favour of Castelnau de Médoc.


A city of Britain, the capital of Regni, the remains of which may be traced at Woodcote, near Croydon.


A city of the Treveri, on the Mosella, now Numagen or Neumagen.


A city of the Veromandui, in Belgica Secunda, now Noyon. It is also called Novionum or Noviomum.

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