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Νύξ), by the Romans called Nox. One of the most ancient deities, daughter of Chaos. From her union with her brother Erebus, she gave birth to the Day and the Light. She was also the mother of the Moerae, Hesperides, Hypnos, Nemesis, Discord, Thanatos, Momus, Fraus, etc. She is called by some of the poets the mother of all things, of gods as well as of men, and was worshipped with great solemnity. A black sheep and a cock, the latter as announcing the approach of day, were sacrificed to her.

Night was represented under various forms: as riding in a chariot preceded by the constellations, with wings, to denote the rapidity of her course; as traversing the firmament seated in her car, and covered with a black veil studded with stars. Sometimes her veil seems to be floating on the wind, while she approaches the earth to extinguish a flaming torch which she carries in her hand. She has often been confounded with Artemis, or the moon; and her statue was placed in the temple of that goddess at Ephesus (Praef.; Serv. ad Verg. Aen. vi. 250; Tibull. iii. 4, 17; Verg. Aen. v. 721, etc.).

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