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Fulvius, an African by birth, the fellow-townsman of Septimius Severus. He served as praefect of the praetorium under this emperor, who loaded him with honours and wealth, and virtually made over much of the imperial authority into his hands. Intoxicated by these distinctions, Plautianus indulged in the most despotic tyranny, and perpetrated acts of cruelty almost beyond belief. In A.D. 202 his daughter Plautilla was married to Caracalla; but having discovered the dislike cherished by Caracalla towards both his daughter and himself, and looking forward with apprehension to the downfall which awaited him upon the death of the sovereign, he formed a plot against the life both of Septimius and Caracalla. His treachery was discovered, and he was immediately put to death, 203. His daughter Plautilla was banished first to Sicily, and subsequently to Lipara, where she was treated with the greatest harshness. After the murder of Geta, in 212, Plautilla was put to death by order of her husband.

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