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Also called Acé (Ἀκή) (in Old Test. Acco; AkkaArab. , Fr. St. Jean d'Acre, Eng. Acre), a celebrated city on the coast of Phœnicia, south of Tyre, and north of Mount Carmel, lies at the bottom of a bay surrounded by mountains, in a position marked out by nature as a key of the passage between CoeleSyria and Palestine. It is one of the oldest cities of Phœnicia, being mentioned in the Book of Judges (i. 31).


(At or near El-Lahum), a small town of Middle Egypt, in the Nomos Arsinoïtes.


P. Hermii (Menschie), a city of Upper Egypt, on the west bank of the Nile, below Abydos.


P. Theron, or Epithēras, a port on the Red Sea, on the coast of the Troglodytae.


Now Tolmeïta, or Tolometa, on the northwestern coast of Cyrenaïca, one of the five great cities of the Libyan Pentapolis.

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