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Παφλαγονία). A country of Asia Minor, bounded by Bithynia on the west, by Pontus on the east, by Phrygia and afterwards by Galatia on the south, and by the Euxine on the north. In the Trojan War the Paphlagonians are said to have come to the assistance of the Trojans, from the land of the Heneti, under the command of Pylaemenes. The Paphlagonians were subdued by Croesus, and afterwards formed part of the Persian Empire. Under the Romans, Paphlagonia formed part of the province of Galatia, but it was made a separate province by Constantine. The principal rivers were the Halys, the Sesamus, the Ochosbanes, the Evarchus, the Zalecus, and the Amnius. The principal cities (mostly on the coast) were Amastris, Cromna, Aegealius, Abonitichos, Cimolis, Stephané, Potami, Sinopé, Pompeiopolis, and Gangra.

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