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πεντηκοστή). A custom duty of one fiftieth (two per cent.) levied on imports and exports at Athens (Harpocr. s. h. v.) On imports the duty was paid upon unloading (Demosth. Lacrit. p. 932.29), and on exports probably at the time when the goods were shipped. The collection of the customs was farmed out, probably from year to year, by the πωληταί to the highest bidder. The persons so receiving the right to receive them were called τελῶναι (see Telonae), whose chief officer was called ἀρχώνης (Andoc. 17). The collectors of the duty were called πεντηκοστολόγοι. Two other taxes of a like nature were paid by merchants— the ἐλλιμένιον, probably a harbour-due, and the ἑκατοστή, a tax of one per cent., as to which no details are known. Smuggling was practised to some extent (Demosth. l. c. 28). Nothing is said by the ancient writers of customs duties imposed on articles brought by land. See Boeckh, Staatshaushaltung, i. pp. 384-387, 390; ii. p. 77 (3d edition).

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