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A powerful German people of the Suevic race, who dwelt in the southeastern part of Germany, between Mount Gabreta, the Hercynian Forest, the Sarmatian Mountains, and the Danube. They were bounded on the west by the Marcomanni, with whom they were always closely united; on the north by the Gothini and Osi; on the east by the Iazyges Metanastae, from whom they were separated by the river Granuas (Gran); and on the south by the Pannonians, from whom they were divided by the Danube. In the reign of Tiberius the Quadi were taken under the protection of the Romans. In the reign of Marcus Aurelius, however, they joined the Marcomanni and other German tribes in the long and bloody war against the Empire, which lasted during the greater part of that emperor's reign. Their name is especially memorable in the history of this war by the victory which M. Aurelius gained over them in A.D. 174 (Dio Cass. lxxi. 8-20). Their independence was recognized by Commodus in A.D. 180. The Quadi disappear from history towards the end of the fourth century.

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