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An early defender of the Christian religion, whose work (now lost) he dedicated to the emperor Hadrian in the year A.D. 126. Quadratus was in early life a resident of Asia Minor, and afterwards a bishop of the Church at Athens, but of the details of his career little is known.


Asinius. An author who wrote in Greek two historical works, one a history of Rome (Χιλιετηρίς) in the Ionic dialect, treating of the city from its foundation to the year A.D. 248, in which the Ludi Saeculares were celebrated; and a history of Parthia. Quadratus lived during the reigns of the emperors Philippus I. and Philippus II. (A.D. 244- 249).


Lucius Ninnius, a tribune of the plebs in B.C. 58, when he strongly sided with Cicero against his own colleague P. Clodius Pulcher (q.v.).

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