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A pointed rod or wand, employed by professors of geometry, astronomy, or mathematics for describing diagrams in sand, etc. (Cic. Tusc. v. 23; Verg. Ecl. iii. 40).


ἀκτίς). A ray of light, usually repre

Urania with Radius. (Pompeian painting.)

sented by artists as a sharp pointed spike; whence corona radiis distincta (Flor. iv. 2, 91), a crown ornamented with metal spikes to imitate the rays of the sun.


ἀκτίς, κνήμη). The spoke of a wheel ( Georg. ii. 444; Ovid, Met. ii. 318); so termed because it radiates from the nave, like a ray of light from a centre; hence rota radiata (Varro, R. R. iii. 5.15), a wheel with spokes as contradistinguished from the solid wheel (tympanum), which had none.

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