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An important city of ancient Media whose remains, mod. Persian Raï, are still pointed out about five miles southeast of Teheran. The city appears as Ῥάγαι in Arrian's Anab. iii. 20 Anab., 2.It is probable, moreover, that on the site of the original city destroyed by earthquake, Seleucos Nicator founded Ῥάγεια or Ῥάγα, called also Εὐρωπός (Strabo, pp. 514, 524; see also Ptolemy, 6, 5, 4). In the Old Persian Inscriptions (bk. ii. 72; iii. 2) Ragā is the name of a province; compare Ῥαγιανὴ Μηδία of Isidor of Charax. As a city, Ragha is twice mentioned in the Avesta, Vd. i. 16; Ys. xix. 18; and also several times by later Persian and Mohammedan writers, being specially connected with the name of Zoroaster (q.v.), apparently as his birthplace. There are a number of allusions to Rages in the Apocryphal Scriptures (Judith, i. 5, 15; Tobit, i. 14; v. 5; vi. 10). The fate of this once prosperous city, which was destroyed in the Parthian wars, rebuilt anew as Assacia under the Arsacid rulers, flourishing later as Rai, but finally in the twelfth century destroyed by the Tartars, and now lying in interesting ruins, affords an instructive lesson taught by the records of the past.

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