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Sevērus, Sulpicius

A writer chiefly celebrated as an ecclesiastical historian. He was a native of Aquitania, and flourished towards the close of the fourth century under Arcadius and Honorius. He was descended from a noble family, and was originally an advocate; but he eventually became a presbyter of the church, and attached himself closely to St. Martin of Tours. The extant works of Severus are: (a) Historia Sacra, an epitome of sacred history, extending from the creation of the world to the consulship of Stilicho and Aurelianus, A.D. 400; (b) Vita S. Martini Turonensis; (c) Tres Epistolae; (d) Dialogi duo, containing a review of the dissensions which had arisen among ecclesiastics in the East regarding the works of Origen; (e) Epistolae Sex. The best edition of the complete works of Severus is by Hahn (Vienna, 1886).

Sextans, actual size.

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