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or Sestius.


Publius. A Roman who was quaestor in B.C. 63, and tribune of the plebs in 57. Like Milo, he kept a band of armed retainers to oppose P. Clodius and his partisans; and in the following year (B.C. 56) he was accused of vis on account of his violent acts during his tribunate. He was defended by Cicero in an oration still extant, and was acquitted on the 14th of March, chiefly in consequence of the powerful influence of Pompey. On the breaking out of the Civil War in 49, Sextius first espoused Pompey's party, but he afterwards joined Caesar. See Pro Sext.; Ad Att. iii. 19, 20, 22; iv. 3, etc.


Titus. One of Caesar's legati in Gaul, and afterwards the governor of the province of Numidia at the time of Caesar's death (B.C. 44). Here he waged war against Q. Cornificius, whom he defeated and slew in battle (B. G. vi. 1; B. C. iv. 53, 75).

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