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Σίφνος). Now Siphno; an island in the Aegaean Sea, forming one of the Cyclades, southeast of Seriphus. It is of an oblong form, and about forty miles in circumference. Its original name was Meropé, and it was colonized by Ionians from Athens. In consequence of their gold and silver mines, of which the remains are still visible, the Siphnians attained great prosperity, and were regarded in the time of Herodotus as the wealthiest of the islanders. Siphnus was one of the few islands which refused tribute to Xerxes; and one of its ships fought on the side of the Greeks at Salamis. The moral character of the Siphnians stood low, and hence to act like a Siphnian (Σιφνιάζειν) became a term of reproach (Aristoph. ap. Suid. s. h. v.).

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