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or Sipo (σίφων).


A siphon; a pipe through which the water is made to rise by its own pressure. The principle of the siphon was used for fountains and for drawing liquids from casks (Pliny , Pliny H. N. ii. 66; Pollux, vi. 2). The siphon is of great antiquity, having been used by the ancient Egyptians, as is seen by paintings on the monuments. (See illustration under Aegyptus, p. 26.)


The name was also applied to a sort of fire-engine constructed on the principle of the siphon, as elaborated by Ctesibius of Alexandria, and which is described and illustrated in the article Ctesibica Machina. See also Pliny , Epist. x. 35; Isidor. Orig. xx. 6; Dig. 32, 7, 12.

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