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A small river on the southwestern coast of Sicily, flowing by the town of the same name.


Now Crestena, a river of Elis, in the district Triphylia, near Scillus, flowing into the Alpheus west of Olympia.


Now Vostitza, a river of Achaia, rising in Mount Erymanthus.


A tributary of the Caicus, in Mysia, flowing by the town of Pergamum.


Now Castel Vetrano, one of the most important towns in Sicily, situated upon a hill on the southwestern coast and upon a river of the same name. It was founded by the Dorians from Megara Hyblaea, on the eastern coast of Sicily, B.C. 628. It soon attained great prosperity; but it was taken by the Carthaginians in 409, when most of its inhabitants were slain or sold as slaves and the greater part of the city destroyed. The ruins of the ancient city are of great extent and magnificence, the temple of Zeus being one of the largest of which remains still exist.


Now Selenti, a town in Cilicia, situated on the coast.

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