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Tabernacŭlum, Tentorium

κλισίη, σκηνή).


A tent. The first of these words was originally a hut made of boards (tabulae). Tents were regularly made of skins stretched on wooden supports, like our canvas tents; whence the name tentorium. In summer the soldiers slept in tents (sub pellibus durare, Livy, v. 2), but in winter they were lodged either in towns or, if in camp, in huts of stone or turf. To give them only tents in winter was regarded as very severe (Tac. Ann. xiii. 35). The κλισίαι of Homer were not really tents at all, but only wooden or walled huts. See Buchholz, Hom. Realien, ii. 340.


See Augures; Divinatio; Templum.

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