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The place in Rome where the public archives (tabulae publicae) were preserved. These archives comprised the rogations, the senatus consulta and plebiscita, financial records, public contracts, censorial registers (tabulae censoriae), the records of the courts, registers of vital statistics, jury lists, and election returns. These were kept in different places, as in the Temple of Saturn, the Aerarium, and the Temple of Ceres. The officers charged with the care of public documents were the quaestors, the plebeian aediles, the tribunes, the praetors, and (under Tiberius) special curatores tabulariorum publici (Dio Cass. lxxvi. 16). See Mommsen, Röm. Staatsrecht, ii. 557-560. At Athens the public archives were kept in the Metroum (μητρῷον).

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