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Τριόπας and Τρίοψ). A son of Poseidon and Canacé, a daughter of Aeolus, or of Helios (the Sun) and Rhodos, and the father of Iphimedia and Erysichthon. Hence his son Erysichthon is called Triopeïus, and his granddaughter Mestra or Metra, the daughter of Erysichthon, Triopeïs. He is said to have expelled the Pelasgians from a part of Thessaly, but was himself at last obliged to leave the country, when he went to Caria in Asia Minor and founded Cnidus, hence called Triopia (Herod.i. 1Herod. 74; Apollod. i.7.4; Diod.v. 56). He or his son Erysichthon violated the sacred grove of Demeter, for which he was punished with endless hunger.

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