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Τροιζήν). Now Dhamala; the capital of Troezenia (Τροιζηνία), a district in the southeast of Argolis, on the Saronic Gulf, and opposite the island of Aegina. The town was situated at some little distance from the coast, on which it possessed a harbour called Pogon (Πώγων), opposite the island of Calauria. Troezen was a very ancient city, and is said to have been originally called Poseidonia, on account of its worship of Poseidon. It received the name of Troezen from Troezen, one of the sons of Pelops; and it is celebrated in mythology as the place where Pittheus, the maternal grandfather of Theseus, lived, and where Theseus himself was born. In the historical period it was a city of some importance. The Troezenians sent five ships of war to Salamis and 1000 heavy-armed men to Plataea. When the Persians entered Attica the Troezenians distinguished themselves by the kindness with which they received the Athenians, who were obliged to abandon their city (Herod.viii. 41; Plut. Them. 10). The friendship continued till the Peloponnesian War, when the Troezenians allied themselves with Sparta (Thuc.ii. 56).

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