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Θεσπρωτοί). A people of Epirus, inhabiting the district called after them Thesprotia or Thesprōtis (Θεσπρωτία), which extended along the coast from the Ambracian Gulf northwards as far as the river Thyamis, and inland as far as the territory of the Molossi. The Thesproti were the most ancient inhabitants of Epirus, and are said to have derived their name from Thesprotus, the son of Lycaon. They were Pelasgians, and in their country was the oracle of Dodona, the great centre of the Pelasgic worship. (See Dodona; Oracula; Pelasgi.) From Thesprotia issued the Thessalians, who took possession of the country afterwards called Thessaly.

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