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The son of Andraemon and Gorgé. He was king of Calydon and Pleuron, in Aetolia, and sailed with forty ships against Troy.


Son of Dionysus and Ariadné, king of Lemnos, and married to Myrina, by whom he became the father of Hypsipylé and Sicinus. When the Lemnian women killed all the men in the island, Hypsipylé saved and concealed her father, Thoas. The patronymic Thoantias is given to Hypsipylé, as the daughter of Thoas. (See Hypsipylé.)


Son of Borysthenes and king of Tauris, into whose dominions Iphigenia was carried by Artemis when she was to have been sacrificed. See Iphigenia.

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