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A sister of P. Valerius Publicola, who advised the Roman matrons to ask Veturia, the mother of Coriolanus, to go to the camp of Coriolanus in order to deprecate his resentment. See Coriolanus.


The last wife of Sulla. She was the daughter of M. Valerius Messala, and bore a daughter soon after Sulla 's death.


Galeria Valeria, daughter of Diocletian and Prisca. She was, upon the reconstruction of the Empire in A.D. 292, united to Galerius, one of the new Caesars. After the death of her husband in 311 Valeria rejected the proposals of his successor Maximinus, who in consequence stripped her of her possessions, and banished her along with her mother. After the death of Maximinus, Valeria and her mother were executed by order of Licinius, in A.D. 315.


Messalīna. See Messalina.

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