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Ventidius Bassus, Publius

A celebrated Roman general, who at first gained a poor living by letting mules and carriages to officials. Caesar, however, saw his abilities, and employed him in Gaul, and in the Civil War (Dio Cass. xliii. 51;

Medal commemorating the Parthian Triumph of Ventidius.

xv. 4). After Caesar's death Ventidius sided with M. Antony, and in B.C. 43 was made consul suffectus. In 39 Antony sent Ventidius into Asia, where he defeated the Parthians and Labienus; and in the second campaign gained a still more brilliant victory over the Parthians, who had again invaded Syria. For these services he obtained a triumph in 38. His later history is unknown (Dio Cass. xliii. 51; Gell. xv. 4; Eutrop. vii. 3; Plut. Ant. 34; Juv.vii. 199).

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