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Ξοῦθος). Son of Hellen by the nymph Orseïs, and a brother of Dorus and Aeolus. He was king of Peloponnesus, and the husband of Creüsa, the daughter of Erechtheus, by whom he became the father of Achaeus and Ion (q.v.). Others state that after the death of his father, Hellen, Xuthus was expelled from Thessaly by his brothers, and went to Athens, where he married the daughter of Erechtheus. After the death of Erechtheus, Xuthus, being chosen arbitrator, adjudged the kingdom to his eldest brother-in-law, Cecrops, in consequence of which he was expelled by the other sons of Erechtheus, and settled in Aegialus, in the Peloponnesus.

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