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ἀντιγραφεῖς). Checking-clerks, contrarotulatores. Efficient checks on the handling of public funds, whether municipal or national, were even more necessary among the Greeks than in modern civilized countries; and the Athenians, with their distrust of official honesty, sought refuge in multiplying such checks. Hence it was the rule in Athenian finance that wherever there was a public officer intrusted with the payment of money, there was by his side an ἀντιγραφεύς, who watched over him and kept duplicate accounts. Thus, it is proved by inscriptions that there was an ἀντιγραφεύς to each deme (C. I. G. 100); and a general in the field disposed of his military chest subject to a like control (De Chers. p. 101.47). The administrators of sacred funds, such as the treasurers of Delos, were similarly controlled (Inscr. 139, 141, 150, 158).

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