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The son of Zeus and Electra, the mythical ancestor of the Trojans, and through them of the Romans. The Greek traditions usually made him a king in Arcadia, from whence he emigrated first to Samothrace, and afterwards to Asia, where he received a tract of land from King Teucer, on which he built the town of Dardania. His grandson Tros removed to Troy the Palladium, which had belonged to his grandfather. According to the Italian traditions, Dardanus was the son of Corythus, an Etruscan prince of Corythus (Cortona); and, as in the Greek tradition, he afterwards emigrated to Phrygia.


Also Dardănum (Δάρδανον), a Greek city in the Troad on the Hellespont, twelve Roman miles from Ilium, built by Aeolian colonists, at some distance from the site of the ancient city Dardania. From Dardanum arose the name of the Castles of the Dardanelles, after which the Hellespont is now called.

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