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L. Sicinius Bellūtus, the leader of the plebeians in their secession to the Sacred Mount in B.C. 494. He was chosen one of the first tribunes.


L. Sicinius Dentātus, called by some writers the Roman Achilles, from his personal prowess. He was tribune of the plebs in 454. He was put to death by the decemvirs in 450, because he endeavoured to persuade the plebeians to secede to the Sacred Mount. The persons, nearly a hundred in number, sent to assassinate him fell upon him in a lonely spot, but he killed most of them before they succeeded in despatching him. Valerius Maximus (iii. 2, 24) enumerates the military honours won by Sicinius during the forty years of his service in the army. He had seen 120 battles, received 14 civic crowns, 3 mural crowns, 8 gold crowns, 180 gold chains (torques), 160 bracelets (armillae), 18 spears (hastae purae), 25 sets of horse-trappings, and bore the scars of 40 wounds on his breast.

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