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AGE´MA (ἄγημα, from ἄγω), the name of a chosen body of troops in the Macedonian army, forming the royal guard, consisting of horse-soldiers and foot-soldiers, but usually of the former. It seems to have varied in number; sometimes it consisted of 150 men, at other times of 300, and in later times it contained as many as 1000 or 2000 men. (Arrian, Arr. Anab. 1.1.11; 2.8.3; 4.24.1; Diod. 19.27, 28; Liv. 37.40; 42.51, 58; Curt. 4.13; Plb. 5.25, 65, 31.3; Appian, App. Syr. 32; Hesych. and Suid. s.v. Eustath. ad Od. i. p. 1399, 62.)


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