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AMBU´RBIUM or AMBURBIA´LE, a sacrifice which was performed at Rome for the purification of the city, in the same manner as the ambarvalia was intended for the purification of the country. The victims were carried through the whole town, and the sacrifice was usually performed when any danger was apprehended in consequence of the appearance of prodigies, or other circumstances. (Obseq. de Prodig. 100.43; Apul. Met. iii. ab init.; Lucan 1.592 seq., where it is described). Scaliger supposed that the amburbium and ambarvalia were the same; but their difference is expressly asserted by Servius (ad Verg. Ecl. 3.77) and Vopiscus (amburbium celebratum, ambarvalia promissa, Aurel. 100.20; cf. Preller, Röm. Myth. p. 372; Marquardt, vi. p. 195). [AMBARVALIA]


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