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AMORGINA (τὰ ἀμόργινα), fine muslin-like textures made of ἀμοργίς, a peculiar flax named from the island of Amorgos, but grown also elsewhere. They were finer than βύσσος and κάρπασος (Schol. Aristoph. Lys. 150), almost transparent (Aristoph. l.100.48), and very costly (Pseudo-Plato, Ep. 7.363 A). In the use of the adjective ἀμοργινὸς it is not always clear whether the island or the plant is intended. (Aristoph. Lys. 150, 736 ; Aeschin. Timarch. § 97; Antiphanes, fr. 152, Meineke; Clearchus, ap. Ath. vi. p. 255 e; Böckh, Publ. Econ. p. 104.)


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