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APOS´TOLEIS (ἀποστολεῖς), ten commissioners, chosen out of the body of Athenian citizens without distinction of tribes, in order to secure the efficiency and promptitude of a naval expedition (ἀπόστολος) which had been voted. They were thus an extraordinary authority, appointed by decree of the people. (Böckh, Urkunden über das Seewesen, p. 466; Hudtwalcker, de Diaetet. p. 71; Meier and Schömann, Att. Process, p. 112, with Lipsius' note in the new ed.) They had the power, in certain cases, of imprisoning a trierarch who neglected to furnish his ship properly (Dem. de Cor. p. 262.107, with the scholia); they controlled the giving out of stores from the dockyards for this purpose, and, subject to an appeal to the senate, they decided any disputes which arose when a ship was handed on from one trierarch to another. In time of peace these duties were probably discharged by the ἐπιμεληταὶ τῶν νεωρίων, an inferior body chosen by lot. (Dem. c. Everg. et Mnes. pp. 1147.26, 1149.33, 1150.37; de Cor. Trierarch. p. 1229.4; Böckh, P. E. p. 543; Schömann, Antiq. 1.426, n.)

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