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AQUAEMANA´LIS (aquamanale, aquaminale, aquaminarium: for difference of form, compare escale and escarium), a jug or ewer (Varro, ap. Non. 547), “that from which water flows;” cf. lapis manalis, the basin being called pollubrum or pelvis. It was used for washing the hands at meals. In the establishments of the rich, it was generally of silver, and considered part of the plate specially belonging to eating (escarium argentum): see Dig. 33, 10, 3.3; 34,2, 19.2; 34, 2, 21.2. It appears to have been also called gutturnium (Paul. ex Festo, p. 98). In Low Latin, aquamanale is the basin. (See Lanfranc in Ducange, s. v.)


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