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AQUA´RII were slaves who carried water for bathing, &c. into the female apartments: they were also called aquarioli, and were held in great contempt. (Juv. 6.332; Paul. Diac. s. v. and Müller's Note; Hieron. Ep. 27; Jul. Paul. 3.6, 58.) The name was also applied to slaves who had the care of the fountains and ponds in gardens. (Becker-Göll, Gallus, iii. p. 74; Marquardt, Röm. Alterth. vii. p. 139.) The aquarii were also public officers who attended to the aqueducts under the aediles, and afterwards under the curatores aquarum. (Cic. ad Farm. 7.6; Cod. 11, tit. 42; AQUAEDUCTUS

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