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BAU´CALIS (βαύκαλις, βαυκάλη, also καύκαλις), a large vessel for cooling wine in (Anth. Pal. 11.244, 4), made at Alexandria (Ath. 11.784 c), like the ψυκτήρ, except that it was probably larger, and supported, according to Hermann-Blümner (Privatalt. 234, note 6), on four wheels (τετράκυκλος, Athen. l.c.), if we are not to suppose with Krause (Angeiologie, 366) that the κύκλοι are raised rings which divided the vessel into four compartments. Philostorgius (1.4) says it was made of earthenware (ἄγκος ὀστράκινον). It was perhaps sometimes made of glass; at least Athenaeus, in immediate connexion with his description, speaks of the elaborate glass-working at Alexandria, which imitated every kind of clay. Brass seems to have been an unusual material for the vessel to be made of (Anth. Pal. l.c.).

Βαυκάλιον appears to have been a smaller vessel of the kind.


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