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CALCULA´TOR (λογιστής) signifies a keeper of accounts in general, but was also used in the signification of a teacher of arithmetic (Isid. Orig. 1.3; Dig. 38, tit. 1, s. 7); whence Martial (10.62, 4) classes him with the notarius or writing-master ; but the teacher of arithmetic held a high position among teachers (cf. Cod. Just. 10, tit. 52, s. 4; Becker-Göll, Gallus, ii. p. 101; Marquardt, Röm. Privatleben, p. 95). The name was derived from calculi, which were commonly used in teaching arithmetic, and also in reckoning in general. [ABACUS] Among the Greeks the λογιστὴς and γραμματιστὴς appear to have been usually the same person.


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